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IoT in a Nutshell

The building blocks for your IoT project

Global Connectivity

Easily connect devices to your applications using GSM services in over 180 countries worldwide.

Visual Applications Design

Design complex processes to control your IoT applications through a drag and drop web interface.

Data storage & Analytics

Store, analyze and export your application’s data through powerful reporting tools.

Awesome Support

Count on our obsessed support team any time you need help or have a question.

Features Overview

We have built flexibility at the core of all our products

Connectivity Management

Simfony’s mobile core offers complete flexibility and scalability. GSM authentication, charging and policy management are OOTB.

SIM Management

Each of your SIM cards can be managed remotely, either programmatically or via the web interface, allowing total control.

Service Execution

An extremely easy to use web based tool with drag and drop functionalities, the Visual Flow designer is where the service logic is born.


Simfony’s IoT platform can store the data collected by your devices. You can easily retrieve it either through the web application or through our APIs.

Analytics & Reporting

Storing the date in Simfony’s cloud gives access to the Analytics tool. You can gain insights over your processes no matter how the data is structured.


For projects requiring enhanced security the auto-deployable VPN service allows you to connect devices directly to any private network.

Key Benefits

An one-stop-shop for all your IoT projects

3d people - man, person with cubes.


The cloud cost model enables customer of all shape and sizes to deliver affordable IoT projects and brings the newest technology at everybody’s reach. Furthermore the time needed to launch, change or adapt projects is considerably reduced by our fully integrated multi-layer architecture.


Our IoT platform can help customers through all stages of a project: design, prototype, test, deploy and operate or even in any of these individual and separate stages. Customers can choose how they want to use our platform and more importantly what they want to use it for.

Open and efficient

The opened multi-layer architecture of the Simfony’s platform provides customers with a complete framework for building IoT projects. Customers can pick and choose from the available services and features or they can use their existing assets and integrate them with our environment. From global mobile data access to data analytics, the possibilities are endless!


Customers control everything through our WEB based interface or API. From ordering assets to data reporting and analytics, everything is easily available. Our graphical application designer even allows customers to build application logic in a drag-and-drop like interface without programming skills.

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